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Miyagi’s true specialty dish "Sendai Zukedon"

The excellent dish made with Miyagi’s recovery in mind


  Dr. Kazuo Hokkirigawa from the school of engineering of Tohoku University pondered whether he could invent a tasty rice bowl 

dish using fresh fish from Miyagi, while he was travelling on business throughout Japan. After much repetition, trial and error,

the Kaisen-don (a bowl of rice topped with sashimi) was born and became a routine meal for the Hokkirigawa family.

  One day he and Sendai city officials were having casual conversation, and came to the conclusion that Miyagi prefecture can offer great fish and rice which can be introduced to the world. Only sushi chefs in Miyagi have skills to provide these as original Sendai dishes. Then commercializing this new Sendai specialty dish was placed in the hands of the sushi chefs. They accomplished the project of "Sendai Zukedon" by making the most of Miyagi ingredients, and in July 2009 the dish started being served in

12 sushi restaurants in Sendai city. Each restaurant had their own original ingredients, sauce and presentation.

Sendai Zukedon grew a reputation and had acquired a following.

  Around this time, on March 11 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck Miyagi prefecture.

The sea and land of Miyagi which provides an abundance of wonderful food encountered serious damage...


  Since then, Sendai Zukedon has become a true specialty dish for Miyagi, appearing on the menus of approximately 124 sushi participating restaurants in Miyagi prefecture, and it has been served with great thought and support for the recovery

throughout the Miyagi area.


Sendai Zukedon is served on Lunch time and Dinner time.
Price on this menu do not include sales tax.
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