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 Before WWII, the founder Shouzo Aizawa was a Japanese sweets craftsmen,

but he felt the future of sushi culture. Souzo began training in a sushi fish restaurant called "Tachibana" of Noborito in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Then he opened the restaurant "Tachibana sushi" in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo in 1928.

Unfortunately, he met with the hardship of going out of business by the WWII.


 After the war, Shouzo and his wife Tsune returned to his home prefecture Miyagi,

and opened a Japanese restaurant in the current Sendai Ichibancho location in 1946.

The post-war reconstruction era was a high-growth period in which Tachibana grew to be loved by many customers and it was representative of sushi restaurants of Ichibancho.




 In 1980, Mitsuya Aizawa and his wife Kyoko of the second generation, took over running the restaurant.

The restaurant building was also rebuilt, taking it from a two-floor wooden to a five-floor building. Sushi is our main speciality,

but we also provide a variety of Japanese cuisine. Tachibana has grown to be a store that is loved by more customers.


 Along with the dawn of the 21st century, Tachibana was changed to a dining style store to dispel the existing style of "Enka tone",

it was renewed in a style of Japanese modernism. "Keep tradition, Newly reborn" is the concept by Naoya Aizawa the third generation, Tachibana began walking into the new century...

Naoya Aizawa

In March 1968, was born as son and heir of Tachibana-sushi.

Between the ages of 23-27, served the lead vocal of Sendai KENTO'S house band "Cadillac".

After retiring as a musician, spent 2 years training in "Sushichu" of Iwakiri.

In 1997, joined to Tachibana-sushi.

In 2001, aimed to produce a new style sushi restaurant experience, producing SUSHI-DINING TACHIBANA.

Currently Tachibana-sushi Senior Executive Director.


Other:  Miyagi Sushi Association Youth Union Leader 

              Vespa Club Miyagi Vice President

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