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A guide to our finest private rooms and floor room.

 ※During lunch time private rooms require a reservation. Please note that orders must be for more than 1,500yen per person.

 We appreciate your understanding.



Air Room   Mokuren

With big windows, a space with a seasonal feeling.

Seats 6-10 people. (Horigotatsu type)


Karatachi / Koubai

Spend a good time with friends or enjoy a special moment with loved ones.

Available for between 2 to 5 people.



A quiet space to enjoy happy moments together.

Limited to 2 people.



Sazanka / Satsuki

Spacious tatami rooms. Spend good times here with Jazz.

Seats 12-18 people(Horigotatsu type)


We have 10 counter seats and 20 table seats.

These are available up to a maximum of 30 people.

Our restaurant is barrier free.
The ladies toilet is equipped with baby changing facilities.
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