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Miyagi’s Local Sake                
Hot Sake

Urakasumi Dry [Honjozo] Saura, Shiogama +5 1 go(180ml) 600yen / 2 go(360ml) 1,200yen 

Dry pure-brew sake with a refreshing taste and umami.


Cold Sake


Urakasumi Zen [Pure rice premium brew sake]  Saura, Shiogama +2

 4 go(720ml) 4,600yen / 1 go(180ml) 1,200yen

Long term, low temperature fermentation produces a great balance between it’s a aroma and taste.

Tachibanaya [Pure rice premium brew sake] Kawakei Shoten, Togatta +1

 4 go(720ml) 4,400yen / 1 go(180ml) 1,100yen

This sake has a mild aroma and smooth texture produced by Yamahai-jikomi, a method of brewing sake.

Ichinokura Very dry [Special pure rice sake] Ichinokura, Osaki +10

 4 go(720ml) 3,000yen / 1 go(180ml) 850yen

This sake has a clear, sharp and smooth texture.


Urakasumi [Pure rice sake: Dry]  Saura, Shiogama +5 Glass(180ml) 700yen                                                              

This sake has a luscious aroma, umami of rice and a sharp aftertaste, all well-balanced. 

Koiki na Suzume [Pure rice sake] Moritami, Sendai +8 Glass(180ml) 700yen

Dry pure rice sake which has fruity aroma and sharp aftertaste.

Zao [Pure rice sake]  Zao-shuzo, Shiroishi +2 Glass(180ml) 700yen

Pure rice sake with a genuine umami of rice and a deep taste. 

Sawa no izumi [Special pure rice sake]  Ishikoshi-jozo, Tomegun +4 Glass(180ml) 800yen

Fresh dry pure rice sake which has a mild umami of rice. It also has the slight aroma of crispy and dry.

Kurikomayama [Special pure rice sake]  Senda-syuzo, Kurikomagun +2 Glass(180ml) 800yen

This sake has the faint aroma and clear taste brought by a no-filtering process.

Suminoe [Special pure rice sake]  Suminoe-syuzo, Ishinomaki +4 Glass(180ml) 800yen

Pure rice sake in which mild aroma and umami of rice are harmonized.

Atago no matsu [Special pure rice sake]  Niizawa-jozoten, Osaki +3 Glass(180ml) 800yen

This sake has a mild taste which spreads smoothly on the mouth.


Hoyo [Very dry pure rice sake]  Uchigasaki-shuzo, Kurokawagun +10 Glass(180ml) 800yen

Very dry pure rice sake has a sharp and fresh taste, and tight nodogoshi.

Kenkonichi [Pure rice sake]  Onuma-shuzo, Shibatagun +2 Glass(180ml) 800yen

Well balanced, dry sake which has umami and aroma of Sasanishiki(rice brand) and sharpness.

Hidakami [Pure rice sake]  Hirakou-shoten, Ishinomaki +3 Glass(180ml) 900yen

Elegant and deep pure rice sake with an umami of rice and a rich aroma.

Yuki no Matsushima [Very dry pure rice sake]  Taiwagura-shuzo, Kurokawagun +20 Glass(180ml) 900yen

Very dry pure rice sake brewed slowly and carefully by a long-team, low temperature fermentation method.

Wataya [Pure rice sake]  Kanenoi-shuzo, Kurihara +3~+7 Glass(180ml) 900yen

Miyagi-grown pure rice sake which has a mild and calm taste made from 100% Kuranohana(rice brand in Miyagi).

Hakurakusei [Pure rice premium brew sake]  Niizawa-shuzo, Osaki +4 Glass(180ml) 1,000yen

The sake which is brewed to be “The ultimate meal sake”, has a delicate but strong taste.






Satsuma tsukasa [Kagoshima]  25% 720ml  3,000yen

This shoucu has a confortable aroma and light taste with sweet potato’s richness.

Kicchomu [Oita]  25% 720ml 3,500yen

Genuine barley shochu with a mellow aroma and a smooth texture.



Tachibana [Miyazaki]  distilled from sweet potato 25%                     500yen

Genuine sweet potato shochu with a strong aroma and umami of sweet potato.

Tenpai [Fukuoka]  distilled from wheat 40%                                                                                                      500yen

A shochu with a mellow aroma, slowly and carefully ripend in “Treasure pots” .

Dodo [Oita]  distilled from wheat 25%                                                                                                                   500yen 

Rare naked barley shochu which has a heavy and mellow aroma and taste.

Kaeda [Miyazaki]  distilled from sweet potato 25%                                                                                    600yen

This shoucu has, an elegant and fruity aroma like wine, which is made from “Murasakimasari”.

Tamasaka [Kumamoto]  distilled from rice 25%                                                                                             600yen

Rice shocu which has the maximum of umami and sweetness of rice.

Kochu no tamayura [Miyazaki]  distilled from swet potato 25%                                                             800yen

The shocu has umami and a mild taste, ripend slowly and carefully by specially selected sweet potato.

Takumi no hana [Miyazaki]  distilled from sweet potato 30%                                                                  900yen

The brewer’s special sweet potato shochu, which is brewed only with the ultimate umami.

Tachibana unblended [Miyazaki]  distilled from sweet potato 38%                                                      900yen

100% unblended pure shocu, which has a deep and rich taste, and a dry aftertaste.




Draft Beer

Kirin – Ichibanshibori                                                                                                                           600yen

This beer has an elegant body and clear nodogoshi.  

Asahi super dry - Dry premium                                                                                                              700yen

This beer has a rich and sharp taste. Made from domestic golden malts.   


Bottled Beer 

Kirin Classic Lager                                                                                                 600yen

Showa era’s recreated lager, which is rich and bitter.    

Kirin Hartland                                                                                                                    600yen

Made from 100% aroma hops. The beer has a mildly bitter tast and clear flavor.  


Non Alcohol

Asahi Dry Zero creamy                                                                                                               480yen

0 calorie and 0 sugar non-alcohol beer.  



Umeshu (Plum Wine)                                                                    


Sato farm’s umeshu [Miyagi]                                                                                                       400yen

This Umeshu is made from Sato farm, Iwadeyama’s un-ripe plums, which is clear and lightly.     

Komasa’s umeshu [Kagoshima]                                                                                                   500yen

This Umeshu is made from Oindo farm’s fresh un-ripe plums and honey.  

Uragasumi’s umeshu [Miyagi]  limited number                                                                                                600yen   

The Umeshu has clear sourness and sharp crispiness. best enjoyed on the rocks. 






Nikka Date [Miyagi]  Nikka Whisky Miyagi-Kyo distillery  Reverently made   

         This whisky has a rich strong taste with a gentle aftertaste.                                 Single 450yen / Double 900yen





Glass wine

Saint-Vincent Rouge [France]                                                                                                  500yen

There are berries and spices in its delicate aroma.                              

Saint-Vincent Blanc [France]                                                                                                    500yen

Dry white wine, which has a fresh and fruity taste and clear sourness.    



Paiara Rosso [Italy]  Midium body                                                                                                3,000yen

This wine has a well balanced, rich and smooth taste.

Paiara Bianco [Italy]  Dry                                                                                                                             3,000yen

This wine is fresh, smooth and just a little sour.

Caliterra Cabernet Sauvignon [Chili]  Midium body                            3,500yen

This wine has an aroma of blackberries and plums, and a rich fruity taste.

Caliterra Chardonnay [Chili]  Dry                                                                              3,500yen

This wine has a fresh sour taste, proper body and a mineral taste.

Michel Lynch Rouge [France]  Full body                                                4,000yen

A wine with an aroma of mellow fruits and spices, and a fresh aftertaste.

Michel Lynch Blanc [France]  Dry                                                                                       4,000yen

This wine has the aroma of toropical fruits and white peaches.      


Sparkling wine

Gancia Prosecco Spumante [Italy]  Dry                                                                                     1,200yen

There are berries and spices in its delicate aroma.

Nikka cider sweet [Japan]  Medium sweet                                           500yen

100% apple sparkling wine.  no sugar, no flavors, no color and no water added.





Highball / Ginger highball / Oolong tea highball                                                     500yen each                                                                                     

Cassis soda / Cassis orange / Cassis grapefruit                                                                                                   Shandy Gaff / Paraiso orange / Paraiso grapefruit / China blue                                                                     Sanzashi ginger(Hawthorm ginger) / Sanzashi oolong(Hawthorm oolong)                                                   Peach soda / Fuzzy navel / Shandy Gaff  / Raggae punch                                600yen each


Namashibori sour (squeezed fresh fruit juice, shochu and soda)

  Grapefruit / Orange / Lemon                                                                               680yen each



Soft Drink                                                                        


100% grapefruit juice / 100% orange juice                                                   400yen each

Coca Cola / Ginger ale / Oolong tea                                                                   300yen each




                                                                                    Price on this menu do not include sales tax.


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